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What's in a name? A little bit of wordplay, and a lotta bit of philosophy. 


Karma, as a root philosophy in many spiritual practices like Hinduism and Buddhism, is the principle that the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, are viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. This is simply a shared belief that for every action there is a consequence, good or bad. While it's a fun coincidence that karma rhymes with Sharma,  Neha's last name — the founding philosophy of GSY  developed organically: 


Wellness goes around, comes around.








How we treat our bodies and minds today, serves as the blueprint for our quality of life tomorrow. Wellness transcends an hour-long yoga class or sipping a green juice. It's about becoming the architect for our present and future by operating from a place of intentional purpose. The amazing thing about self-renovation in one area of life, is seeing how the positive shift often carries over to other aspects of it. There comes a time when old patterns simply don't match our individualistic evolutionary growth. When we recognize the parts we are ready to shed, a new cycle begins. We then ride out that cycle until that one runs its course too, and the metamorphosis continues. 

Good Sharma Yoga is about the cyclical nature of wellness. It's about letting go of what is ready to be released in order to make room for the new. This doorway is through holistic, integrated wellness practices including yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness practices that go beyond the mat. What goes around comes around — and well, why not it be wellness?

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