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Yoga is a transformative practice to explore the mind and body. The benefits go even further beyond physical health improvements like weight loss, strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Yoga improves concentration, awareness, and energy while healing ailments of the mind like anxiety, stress, and depression.  

Good Sharma Yoga classes emphasize pranayama//mindful breathing to carry the asanas//poses throughout fluid flows. Ney guides her students through careful anatomical alignment-awareness with tactile feedback to optimize the benefits of each pose, while ensuring prevention of injury. The key is to fit the pose to your body - not the other way around. Classes are often accompanied with various forms of guided meditation, dharma//yoga philosophy talks, energetic chakra-balancing, sound healing, and more. While each individual's yoga journey is unique, Ney cultivates an inclusive, welcoming space for students of all experience levels and backgrounds. Yoga is for everyone.


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