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What was once a creative way to move the body while breaking out a satisfying sweat, has now become an inherently transformative part of my life. I was introduced to yoga by my mother alongside classical dance when I was just a little girl, but it wasn’t until years later when I sought out relief for personal injuries and mental healing, that I started to fully understand the deeper wholesome benefits of yoga. After this personal metamorphosis, there was nothing I wanted more than to bring this practice to all. 

With a B.S in Health Sciences from Northeastern University and a comprehensive experiential background in healthcare, I've come to understand how mental health stressors, diseases, and chronic body pains negatively impact our lives in an increasingly demanding world plagued by external pressures. Through my work, I observed many gaps in the system, noticing the lack of emphasis on preventative health care. I witnessed how human behavior and lifestyle choices inevitably impact health and wellbeing at large. I figured it's time to take back control over our mental and physical health without relying solely on medication and doctor visits. When we are living consciously aware and in harmony with our minds and bodies, it truly is a game changer. 

My work in health and wellness is multifaceted, and my passion to bridge the gap between modern medicine and “alternative" eastern medicine remains fervent. I completed my first extensive 200 hour training in the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh, India. Compelled to go even deeper, I completed my 500 hour training in my home city of NYC at Atmananda Yoga Sequence a year later. Staying true to my insatiable desire to never stop learning, I completed another 200 hour training at Lighthouse Yoga School in Brooklyn.

Teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness has taught me first and foremost, that this is a lifelong practice that transcends so much of what we have been conditioned to learn and think. It's about more than just a physical practice and the lessons we learn on the mat pour out into our relationships, jobs, hobbies, dreams, and interactions with the world around us. I believe yoga is a universal healing modality for humanity.

Last but certainly not least, I will forever stand by this sentiment — we are all students, we are all teachers, and we are all creators. As an educator of this practice, I am here as a guide to hold real space for healing, deepening connection, and heightening our panoramic awareness of truth and light. Within each of us is an endless universe of abundant love and wisdom. Let's explore together.

With Gratitude, 


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