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Mind in the Mirror

What if you stripped away the gilded masquerade layer(s) that keep your raw pain, emotions, and true struggles behind the scenes? The forbidden acts that remain to be unseen by the impressionably fickle audience may not get you that brand sponsorship, those "likes", or the "influence" you're placing your value in. However, that stamp of approval you seek from afar is merely a mirage. It does not exist.

What if you took care of your mind with the same tender vanity you care for your body and face that yield the tapping of virtual red hearts? Imagine unclogging the pores of your mind - toxified by judgment, doubt, and fear of rejection. Experience wiping away the fog that clouds your perception of self-worth thanks to parameters of delusional success. Self-care transcends the surface of your skin. It surpasses your muscoskeletal structure of pretty pink matter. To be frank, I could care less about your frame if what lied within was actually just a collage of your best work. What lies within the tunnels of your gray matter? Within the confines of your deepest dreams, questionable thoughts, and wild interior worlds crafted by the unapologetic creativity of your unadulterated soul? Stop only caring for that fine piece of (m)ass. Taking care of dark spots under the eyes mean nothing if you cannot care for the dark spots in your heart and mind, love. Be well. Be real.

Notes By Ney

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